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6 Ways to Get Your Message Across with Custom Apparel

If you have a business, you know that advertising is a critical part of your success. It is important to get the word of your work or products out, especially to your target audience. While there are many ways to do this, ranging from highly effective to ineffectual, a sometimes-overlooked method is using custom apparel to increase awareness of your brand.

How can printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hats be used as a method of advertising? It may seem in this digital world like physical advertising solutions are not as efficient, but custom apparel has a lot in its favor. It provides a very unique advertising outlet for a business and is completely customizable, both in medium (including things like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats) and in available designs and messages.Custom Apparel

Designing your own apparel is a good method if you are looking to advertise on a budget and to reach a lot of people in all walks of life. Besides, people like personal things. A t-shirt or hat that can be worn on a regular basis is much more appealing than a billboard or flier. Using apparel as an advertisement gives people a personal stake in your business.

If you are unsure how to utilize customized apparel to advertise for your business, here are some suggestions:

Provide Your Staff with Your Custom Apparel

It can double as both advertising and a uniform while your staff are at work. By seeing your staff in your customized apparel, people will associate your logo with friendly faces. If your employees wear them outside of work, which you should encourage them to do, the information can be disseminated to a variety of audiences.

Include Critical Information

In your designs, include your website information so people can look you up on the spot when they see apparel with your logo. As customers, staff, or influencers post pictures of your products online, encourage them to tag your business and include the links to your site.Custom Apparel

Get the People Involved

If your business is relatively new or you are looking for an updated design, hold a contest. Invite the public to design your new t-shirts. This will increase visibility, especially if you market the contest to your target audience, and it adds an element of competition and fun. The process can help your target demographic to feel a sense of pride in your product, especially the person who wins. 

In addition to the satisfaction of using their design, the winner might be offered a coupon or free service. We of course recommend that they also receive a shirt with their design, and you can post pictures of the winner with their new custom apparel on your online platforms.

You can announce your contest on your website and social media and even with flyers. Use the competition as content to keep your site current. Give the winner plenty of time in the spotlight on your social media accounts.

On Display

Sometimes conventions and tradeshows sometimes have a dress code, and business attire is common. However, not all gatherings are so restrictive, and if you have the flexibility to wear what you like, tradeshows and conventions are a great place to show off your custom apparel to like-minded people. This is true whether you rent a booth or just walk around. 

When you make promising contacts, you can give them your apparel as an act of goodwill. Even better, you can send them shirts or hats after the fact to inspire further communication.Custom Apparel

Offer Give-Aways

If you sponsor an event or convention, consider offering apparel choices with your logo and information as freebies. Such events can include local races or fundraising events, and handing out customized apparel will show appreciation for loyal customers and new additions alike. Encourage the wearers to post pictures of their custom apparel with your logos on social media.

You can also recruit influential people to wear your custom apparel and offer them incentives for doing so. This may include some kind of voucher. Of course you should also offer apparel with your information for purchase for your customers, but giving them away can be a good initial way to spread the word.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t make your design too cluttered or busy. If you do, it will be harder for people to find the information you want them to find, and most won’t take the time to decipher it. For more suggestions for designing, printing, and marketing custom apparel to advertise your business, speak to our professionals at Wasatch Printing and Apparel.